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What are Jocky Boa Boxer Club (JBBC)?

Jocky Boa Boxer Club (JBBC) is a collection of 10,000 Jocky Boa NFTs that grants access to the creation of unique Transformer NFT Avatars, living on Polygon and Ethereum blockchain.
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A Never Before concept in NFT space, here's why:
1.Tranformer NFT Avatars
2. 2-in-1 NFT
3. Free Mint personalised avatar on Jocky Boa Collection.
4. Free mint on your own multi-token NFT(ERC 1155) and sell on opensea.
5. $5 to $20,000 in 25 Drops.
6. 3,500 JBBC NFT on Polygon & 6,500 JBBC NFT on Ethereum.
7. Choose from 4 to 100 avatars for your personalised transformer NFT.


MINT DATE: 31 AUG | MINT PRICE: $5 equivalent to Matic | SUPPLY: 10,000


JBBC is brain child of Otto Juszt and have been developed by Technology partner AskGalore Digital.
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